I do portraits of any kind, human or pet. I also do special illustrations for gifts. The "WEDDING PARTY" is a custom creation that was done as a wedding gift. I chose to portray the couple's unusual wedding reception and their love of Airedales. For specialty illustrations the range for simple watercolor illustrations is $500 on up. The original is copyrighted, and can not be reproduced by the purchaser unless he purchases the copyright, too.

To read more about commissioned pet portraits www.rsparr.com/pets.html or click Polly or Annie for information and prices. To read about IVY click IVY.






"The Wedding Party"



I have done logo designs over the years for many businesses. My specialty is illustrative, so, if you have a special image you need to convey your business, I would be happy to work with you. I prefer to work via the internet with images rather than through snail mail, because the exchange of ideas is more easily conveyed with images this way. I require a deposit of 50% and will not undertake any project for less than $350. Most of my logos take several hours to develop with many of the hours being given free of charge. The average cost of a simple logo is around $500. If you just want text, I am not the logo designer for you. I can provide you with names of other artists who do this kind of design work, however. The examples below are a few of the designs I have created for people with special logo needs. All logos are copyrighted with the rights to the copyright given to the purchaser of the logo. Click on the logo to go to the individual's website. NOTE, website designs are not done by me.

Fiddler's Green

Sport's Bar w/no web site

Just 1 More Treat


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