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WAR DOGS began as a study of the history of the dog in war, and evolved into a study of man’s war machines, too. As with most of my work , the symbolic undertones are woven throughout the series. One could easily view the entire series as an evolution of war from the blood spills of the BATTLEHOUNDS, the empathy of the WAR DOGS (Red Cross & Messenger/...Signal Wire), to CHARLIE, DAWG O’ WAR, the replacement of man by “dawg”. Many of my works have symbolic/surreal threads that drive them. WAR DOGS is no exception. Search for that which lies below the surface and there you’ll find a much larger painting.

Some attempt at historical authenticity can be detected in WAR DOGS, even though some adjustments and add ons were necessary to balance the series artistically. This historical element is also one of the threads that symbolically drives WAR DOGS. To assist those wishing to name the war vehicles and guns, I have provided a label on those items throughout the series.

The icons at the top of each work move you forward in WAR DOGS. I have provided an Index/Table of Contents that is linked on each page for those of you who like to jump. Let me know if you like this format for navigating.

WAR DOGS is the final product of three months of painting, 17 paintings (including icons), and a memorial for our canine friends and soldiers in honor of Veteran’s Day, November 11th. All works are available in print and notecards, as well as a collector's fine art poster.