AIRElink was created to illustrate stories told about Airedales on the Airedale-L. In the beginning illustrations were created to illustrate stories told about the antics of specific Airedales by their owners. As the illustrative process evolved, I took on the creative genius of other authors like Bill Austin (THE AFTERMATH) and Jean Maple (THE PILLBOX) with entire illustrated stories. From these beginnings I developed my own style and evolved into both illustrative and written works. Contributions to the international Airedale and Terrier Rescue Associations has been a big part of the AIRElink Stories. Most of my illustrative works have underlined meanings much as my Symbolic Visions; however, they approach those subjects from a different angle. I often show preview drawings of current series, but these are not the final presentations, so check back. All comments are appreciated.

To view each story click on the story icon. Many of the stories are preceded by an "Artist's Statement" at the bottom of which is the icon to go directly to the story. Please bookmark this site and share with your friends. Thanks for visiting.

Written by others, illustrated by Roberta Sparr

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