The various stages of development in the creation of "IVY" , a pet portrait.

What Patty Eisenbraun says about Ivy:

"Miss Ivy was our first Rescue Airedale. Not our first Airedale. When we decided that the young Airedale we had needed a dog that could keep up with her (our aging Westie, Sparky, was not able to keep up with her) we turned to Airedale Rescue. When we first got our call for a meet and greet with a possible 'Dale for us, we never considered that we had two cats, or might would be owning two females (supposedly not a good combination). All we knew was that if our Poppy got along with this girl at the first meeting, we'd adopt. (We found out later that our dear Poppy got along with EVERY Airedale that came into our home). After driving across the state, the meet and greet went well. So off we went. Little did we know our lives were about to change dramatically in more ways than one.

With Ivy's adoption, we became very involved with ATRA (Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption) doing transports, home visits even fostering and eventually adopting more Airedales.

But, having Miss Ivy in our home was the big plus. She was like no other we had owned. Her intense need to be involved in everything we did was a constant source of amusement and is what drove her 'being' deep into our hearts. She was animated, smart, aware and a huge spark of life that taught us a lot about enjoying the moment.

We never really knew how old Miss Ivy was - as it is with many rescueDales. She was found wandering the streets of Detroit and it was a miracle she survived the hell hole shelter she was taken to. Four years after we adopted her, she was stricken with immune mediated polyarthritis. It was a battle that spanned almost two years. Her body was slowly being attacked by itself, but we worked with any specialist that had something to offer her for relief or possible cure. Inspite of the tests, medications, chemo, etc. her spirit never faltered. She wasn't going to give up the fight and she wasn't going to let it get her down. But, in the end, her body just gave out. And now, 5 years later, we still miss our resident clown. We've come to learn that we were lucky to have had the rich experience of knowing her and what 'positive' attitude is really about."